Is there a common bond between a seafood restaurant, a steak house and a restaurant that serves Italian comfort food?

There is in the case of The Sole Proprietor, One Eleven Chop House and VIA. At Worcester Restaurant Group, our restaurants share a common vision that guides us in everything we do.

It’s All About the Customer.

We recognize that satisfied customers not only come back – they also tell their friends about their dining experience. We strive to provide the best possible dining experience to each customer.

The Best Food Begins with the Best Suppliers.

The Sole Proprietor has had relationships with the best suppliers in the industry for more than 30 years. One Eleven Chop House, likewise, has served only top-quality meats from top-quality suppliers since it opened. Before opening VIA, we made several trips to Italy to locate the best suppliers for key ingredients, such as olive oil, cheese and pasta. These relationships have built up over time and today are stronger than ever.

Freshness Counts.

All fish is stored at exactly 32° and is cut to order. All meats are aged and served when they’re at their peak. Key ingredients at VIA are shipped fresh from Italy each week. Our staff is trained to understand how to maintain food and keep it as fresh as possible.

We Keep Our Menus Fresh, Too.

Our menus combine crowd favorites, as well as new, creative dishes to suit every palate. We stay on top of trends in our industry and are never afraid to offer our patrons something new.

We Pay Attention to Detail.

All fish and shellfish are inspected at four different points before being served. All meat is certified prime-grade or in the top 10% of the choice grade. We are known for our cleanliness, our generous portions, our extensive staff training, our award-winning wine lists and our carefully executed design.

Diners Deserve a Full Dining Experience.

We’ve invested heavily in the design of our restaurants to provide our diners with the best possible dining experience. We also have award-winning wine lists at our restaurants. In fact, The Sole Proprietor and One Eleven Chop House have received the prestigious “Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator. Our new restaurant, VIA, has a wine list that includes some of Italy’s best wines, based on personal visits to wineries throughout the country.

Value is important.

We serve the best meals possible, yet our prices are competitive. To us, value encompasses the total dining experience, including the quality of the food, service and atmosphere.

The Best Staff Provides the Best Service.

In an industry where turnover is very high, The Sole Proprietor, One Eleven Chop House and VIA have managers on staff who have each been with us for at least 14 years. We offer competitive benefits, in-depth training and incentives to retain our skilled employees and keep them motivated.